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RANCHI (Capital of Jharkhand)

Jharkhand >> Deogarh


Ranchi is situated 676 meter (2140 ft.) above sea level. Ranchi is the capital of the state Jharkhand. It is situated about 338 km. far from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Ranchi is known as the "city of waterfall" due to plenty of waterfalls.

General Information
Latitude 23.23 N
Longitude 85.23 E
Area (in sq. km) 7574.17
Height from sea level 2140 ft
Temperature deg celcius WinterMin 10.3Max 22.9 SummerMin 20.6Max 37.2
Rainfall (in mm) 1530 Annual

Climate Summer, Winter and Rainy Seasons
Main Tribes Oraon, Munda
Languages spoken Hindi, Nagpuri, Oraon, Mundari and Kurmali
Nearest Railway Station Ranchi
Nearest Airport Ranchi
National Highway NH-33 and NH-23

Ranchi is connected through Bus, Train and also Air.
Road - Buses are available from all Patna, Jamshedpur and all major cities even from all neighbouring states.
Super fast train and passenger trains are also available from Delhi, Kolkata and other big cities.

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Places to Visit

ANGRABADI - Angrabadi is actually, a temple complex, which accommodates the temples of Lords Ganpati, Ram-Sita and Hanuman and Shiva. The Shankracharya- Swami Swarupanand Saraswati, having been captivated by serene, placid and celestial beauty of Angrabadi rechristened it as Amreshwar Dham.

BIRSA JAIVIK UDYAN : is situated at a distance of 16 km from Ranchi in Ranchi Ramgarh Road near Ormanjhi. Many species of animals, trees and plants can be seen here.

DASSAM FALLS - About 40 km. away from Ranchi on Tata Road falls a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river, Falling from a height of about 144 feet Kanchi river makes a pretty fall called Dassam falls known as Dassam Ghagh also encircled with charming scences. The tourists are warned not to take bath in the falls or at least be careful while bathing in the stream.

GONDA HILL & ROCK GARDEN - About 4 km. from G.P.O., Ranchi on Kanke Road, just in fornt of the CMPDIL Hq. Is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place for tourists.

HIRNI FALLS - About 70 km from Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur is located Hirni Falls. Being situated amidst dense forest Hirni has been favored by nature for scenic beauties. The tourists are carried away by emotions and flight of imagination while observing Hirni.

HUNDRU FALLS - Ranchi is nature's bounty to mother India, which has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Hundru falls is about 28 km. away from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha River falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns into an exciting picnic spot

JONHA FALLS - Jonha is about 40 km. away from Ranchi. The road leading to Jonha is a bit narrow but not so rough and rugged as well as arduous as that of Hundru. There is also a Tourists rest house that accommodates Lord Gautam Buddha's temple. This falls is named after Gautam as Gautamdhara as well. It is approachable by road. The tourists can go up to Gautamdhara station by train also.

JAGANNATHPUR TEMPLE & HILL -S About 10 km. From Ranchi G.P.O. is another sight seeing place where the tourists can rejoice and worship. The old temple of lord Jagannath, built in 1691 in the architectural style of Puri Temple stands like a fort on the top of the in the hill. Its car/chariot festival held light part on Ashadhmas draws a big crowd comprising of tribal and non-tribal. HEC township nearby is an added attraction.

PANCH GAGH FALLS: is on Ranchi- Chakradharpur Road about 6 kms from Khunti. This fall consists of five streams which falls from a good height.

RANCHI HILL - Ranchi, being situated at an altitude of 21,40 feet from sea level, is a popular health and holiday resort and a place of sacred pilgrimage. Some comely sights in the town include Ranchi Hill, Tagore Hill, and Ranchi Lake etc. A panoramic view of the town can be beyond from the hilltop. The Shiva Temple situated on the top of the hill, is an added attraction for the devotees for whom it assumes the places of reverence during Shravanmas same as that of Baijnath Dham (Deoghar).

SUN TEMPLE - About 39 km. From Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu stands on the desolate bush green the elegant Sun temple fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels and seven life like horses ready to take of. Built by Sanskrit Vihar headed by Shri Ram Maroo, the managing director of Ranchi Express, the sun temple deserves the title "a poem in stone". The surroundings of the temple, studded with a pond serving as a sacred place for Chhathavratis are actually a nature's bounty to the people of Chotanagpur. A beautiful dharmashala, meant for the pilgrims. The all weather motor able road up to the temple premises is likely to attract tourists who will be captivated to behold the newly built sun temple in the placid and serene surrounding leading to its celestial beauties.

TAGORE HILL - About 3 km. from the Ranchi G.P.O. the Tagore Hill is about 300 ft. high. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books are supposed to have been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the top of the hill. At the foot of the hill are situated the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and its office and center of Divyayan and agrarian vocational institute.

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Hotel Name Address Phone/Fax
AakaswaniRatu Road, Ranchi 207712
Akash GangaNorth Market Road, Upper Bazar, Ranchi 307686
AkashdeepNear Taxi Stand, Main Road 209551
AlokaRadium Road 205692
AmritStation Road 311068
AnandLine Tank Road 313548
Annapurna Main Road 311352
Anurag 35, Old Commissioner Compound 303641
Apsara Circular Road 312066,206769
Arya H.B.Road, Lapur 206000/5000/4000
Ashok Doranda, Hinoo 500441-6
Basera Near Over bridge, Main Road 207237,312893
Chinar Main Road 207780/81/82/83
Crown Plaza Main Road, Hinoo 500524
Embassy Staion Road 314764
Experts Sector-2, Dhurwa None
Ganga Ashram Kutchery Chowk 308514, 306973
Highland Old H.B.Road 309537
Hindustan Makhija Tower, Main Road 206032, 206039
Kamal Near Taxi Stand, Main Road None
Kawality Inns Station Road 305469
Konark Station Road 307840
Maharaja Radium Road 206408
Natraj Radhe Shyam Lane 206253
Natraj Mini Opp. Daily Market, Main Road 209383
Naushad Main Road None
New Churuwala Main Road 311497
New Rajsthan Circular Road, Lalpur Chowk 304168
Novelty SweetsNear Ac Market, Main Road 503359
Palace Kadru 203692
Park Kadru 208457
Radhika Pandra, Hehal 510651
Royal Near Ratan Takies, Main Road 205368
Sanjay H.B.Road 301296
Sartaj Main Road 311017/301152
Satkar 24, Station Road 204198,205339
Savera Kadru, Hind Chowk 203830
Siddhartha Bangla School Lane 209632
Sisai Near Taxi Stand, Main Road 207221
Surya Kutchery Chowk 206141,300090
Tripti Near Taxi Stand, Main Road None
Ujala Overbridge, Main Road None
V.Churuwala Near Albert Akka Chowk 205311
Yuvraj Palace Doranda 500326-7, 500380/95

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