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Jharkhand >> Palamu


The District of Palamu lies between 23 degree 50'and 24 degree 8' north latitude and between 83 degree 55' and 84 degree 30' east longitude. It encompasses an area of 5043.8 square Kms. The administrative head quarter is Daltonganj, situated on Koel River in 24 degree 3' north, and 84 degree 4' east. The distance between Daltonganj and Ranchi is 165 Km.

The early history of PALAMU is not authentic but there are legends about it. It is, however certain that kharwars, oraons and cheros, the three aboriginal races practically ruled over the tract. The kharwars claim to be Suryavanshi Kshatriyas (Surya Vansha: The Dynasty/lineage of Sun God; Kshatriya: The Warrior sect). They trace their decent from Ajanagara or Ayodhya. Karusa was the sixth son of Manu Vaivasata and he was assigned the eastern territory. The descendants of Karusa were called Karusas who subsequently came to be known as Karwars or kharwars. According to tradition they were the rulers of Rohtasgarh. The kharawars point to the days of the Pratapadhaval, one of the line of chiefs who ruled there in the twelfth century A.D., during the time of their greatest prosperity.


The climate of this District is on the whole dry and bracing. The year can be divided in to three main seasons. The cold seasons from November to March, the hot season from March to May and the monsoon season from June to September, October is a transitional month between monsoon and winter seasons.

Temperature: - summer - 160 - 300; winter - 10 - 100
best Season: - Throughout the year.
Distance of some other tourist place: - Bihar Sharif 13 km., Gaya 65 km., Bodh Gaya 50 km., Rajgir 12 km

Daltonganj is well connected with roads and trains by all major cities of Bihar and Jharkhand. Daily bus services are available.

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Tatapani Hot Waterfall
This waterfall is about 18 km far from Barwadih railway station. Its water is hot.
Artisan well
This well is situated about 15 km far from Daltonganj near Rajhara Coal Mines in Parwa village. Bangal Coal Company built this well in 1943. Its diameter is 5". Water always flows from this well (better say tube well). The villagers use this water for drinking and watering. The rest water falls into the Sadawah River.
Kanti Water Fall
It is situaged about 23 km far from Latehar in east direction in Amjharia Plateau. This is also very beautiful picnic spot but you have to go on foot about two km from the main road.
Tatha River
It is situated about 15 km northwest side of Latehar surrounded by forests and mountains. Vehicles facility is not available due to lack of road. The water of this river remains hot all the year. Its beautiful scenery has not been affected with time.
Fort of Palamu
This fort is situated at the meeting point of Auranga and Koyal river. Raja Mansingh had started the construction of this fort and Raja Modini Ray has done final construction.
Kund Water Fall
This fall is situated near Ghaghra village of Husainabad block. Water fall here from 39 ft. height. Govt. has planned to establish a Electricity production centre having 05 Megawatt capacity.
It is situated about 3 km far from Daltonganj-Betla road. This is the very beautiful tourists place to enjoy holiday.
Lodh Water Fall
This is situated about 10 km from Mahuatand block. This waterfall is assumed as the highest waterfall of Jharkhand. Its height is about 465 ft. Water falls here from three directions. This is a very enjoyable and attractive waterfall.
Mirchaiya Water Fall
This is situated about 03 km from Garu block. Its height is about 100 ft. Its water is like the distilled water.


Popularly called the `Queen of Chhotanagpur' Netarhat is 154 km west of Ranchi Town. It is a plateau covered with thick forests situated at a height of 3,700 feet or 1128 metres. Generally people visit this place to enjoy the breath taking Sunrise and Sunset

There is a residential school called the Netarhat Residential School established in 1954. All weather motor able roads up to Netarhat facilitate the journey of the tourists. Among several Dak Bungalows, Palamau Dak Bungalow is the best for seeing scenic beauties of Netarhat.

Shahpur - Opposite Daltonganj on the west bank of the Koel is the village SHAHPUR in which Gopal Rai, the Raja of Palamu built a palace in the end of the 18th century. Shahpur stands on a high tract of land and the ruined place, the white temple and the masonry building present a picturesque view from Daltonganj. A nearer view of the palace is disappointing for what looks in the distance like an imposing edifice is seen to be half- finished building of little architectural importance.

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